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The Homepage

This is where it all starts, from here see exactly what's going on.
  • Availability calendar
  • Bookings you've last worked on
  • Payments due
  • Recent enquiries
  • Who's in, who's out

The Booking

At the heart of the system are the bookings. Direct from the homepage you can click to see the details of a booking as below
Online Booking details for guests staying at your b&b, house or hostel

Edit guest reservation all online
or to make some amendments to a booking open it up for editing. Quickly and easily add guest, adjust room allocations, record payments, take special notes, access the invoice feature

The Invoice

Eaily produce invoices for your accomodation
Making life easier running your bed & breakfast with automatic invoicing, ready to email or print. Capture additional guest expenses, create customised categories for reporting. Even the invoice numbers are generated for you.


The interactive availability calendar, see at a glance what rooms are available, booked or closed. Share room availability with external services such as Airbnb, Flipkey, iCal, Outlook or Google Calendar
Availability calendar showing free rooms at your Inn, Pub or property.


Invoices available online, via mobile, tablet or desktop direct to guest.
See how the business is doing, how many bookings, where are they coming from, how much money taken?

Daily Email Summary

Select to receive a daily email giving you a snapshot of what's on over the next few days. From the email click a booking to get direct into the application
Receive daily email summary of guest arrivals, new bookings & reservations for your b&b, guesthouse or hotel


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See all that's going on month, week or day calander views
30 days free, no payment info required.