What can Guestbook 24/7 do for you?

Manage Bookings

At the heart of the application is the ability to record bookings and enquiries, whether they come from emails, your own website, the tourist office, phone or other booking channels. With all your booking data in one place guestbook 24/7 can really help you keep track of bookings, guest, payments and availability.

Anytime, Anywhere

Guestbook 24/7 is a cloud based web application, just like facebook or gmail. This means no software installation is required, you access guestbook 24/7 from your internet browser, whether it's from desktop, smartphone or tablet. Access your booking info even when out and about shopping, at the cafe, anywhere in fact.

The Dashboard

The dashboard shows you at a glance your availability, active bookings, arrivals, departures, payments to be chased. In a word everything you need to run your B&B smoothly, whether it's quickly responding to guest enquiries, reviewing what you need to each day or analysing your business performance.

Channel Manager

MyAllocator is Cloudbed’s channel manager. It powers inventory deliverability for thousands of hotels, hostels, and B&Bs in over 100 countries across the globe. With over 300 integrated marketing channels, it has more than any other channel manager on the market. This gives property owners and operators the freedom to list their inventory with previously unknown online marketplaces.

30 days free, no payment info required.

Daily Emails

Opt in to receive a daily email from Guestbook 24/7 that summarises guest arrivals and departures, recent enquiries and outstanding payment reminders. Also receive emails to notify you of new enquiries if you opt to use the enquiry widget that can very simply integrate to your own website.


Allow your guest to review their own booking online, agree to your terms and conditions and provide details of all guest in the booking. Once a booking is on the system one simple click sends an email to your guest containing a link to a secure webpage where the guest access their booking, providing extra information, saving you time and cutting down on administration.


Want to take booking enquiries from your own website or show availability? With minimal technical experience integrate the widgets or share the hosted page from your own website. This allows visitors to your website to see an availability calendar and submit a booking enquiry. That enquiry appears instantly on the homepage of Guestbook 24/7, plus an email notification is sent to you.

Multiple Users

Have 2 or more people responsible for managing your bnb? Guestbook 24/7 allows you to setup multiple user accounts for you and your business partners. The system keeps track of who makes what changes and makes it very easy right from the homepage to review what new bookings or changes have been happening. This feature will help keep you all in sync even if you are not co-located.

30 days free, no payment info required.


Easily keep track of your essential business numbers. Guestbook 24/7 presents a series of charts that show key information such as revenue take, bookings taken, booking channel breakdown over different time periods, conversion rates, occupancy rates. These charts help you spot changing trends, the best performing channels, changing guest demographics to name a few.


A flexible payment feature helps you keep on top of money matters. With each booking decide how the guest will pay, whether with deposits, staged payments or one single payment. Easily setup reminders for when payments are due, these appear on the homepage and in daily email summaries, so hopefully you never miss a payment.


The system automatically produces invoices with unique invoice numbers that you can email or print for your guests. Add items to the invoice to cover services like airport pick-ups, final cleaning, etc. Use custom invoice categories & templates to save time and provide powerful reporting options. Include your company logo to add that professional look. Also handle deposit and advance payment invoicing


Security of your business data is vital to you and us. All access to the Guestbook 24/7 application is via SSL, the standard internet method to secure your data as it's transmitted over the internet. Secure passwords to access the application and daily backups of the data to multiple locations keep your data safely backed up.

30 days free, no payment info required.