• Manage bookings and guests information with ease
  • Save time, make less mistakes
  • Review and monitor your business in a click or two.
  • Access to information whilst out and about
  • Zero hassle installation
  • Integration with your existing website

We want to make sure Guestbook 24/7 is suitable for your business, so we offer a free 30 days fully featured trial with no obligations or payment details taken. It's as simple as entering some basic information to get up and running managing your bookings and guests.

Prior to the end of your 30 days free trial you will be notified and have the option to select a plan that best suits your needs. Provided you select a plan and then make payment arrangements Guestbook 24/7 will continue seamlessly to support your business.

  • Yes, it's in the Microsoft Windows Azure cloud. This means the data is securely stored on hardware provided by Microsoft.
  • This data is backed up automatically, at least once a day, in distributed locations.
  • SSL is used to ensure all data is secure as it's sent over the internet, you will see a padlock symbol in your browsers address bar.
  • Passwords are encrypted so that even we can't read them.
  • We don't share your data with any third parties.

We aim to keep the cost of accessing Guestbook 24/7 low. We don't tie you in to long term contracts, no set-up fees, or additional support fees. We work on a subscription agreement, you can join us on a selection of monthly subscription plan agreements, if you don't want to continue just stop paying us.

We also make it easy for you to leave us and migrate your data. Your booking and guest data can be downloaded anytime in a CSV format suitable for opening in many applications such as spreadsheets & text editors or for import into an alternative booking management system.

For full terms and conditions please see subscription agreement page.

All support is online.

  • Online Help pages
  • A built in Feedback feature from within Guestbook 24/7
  • Email support
  • We hope to offer community support in the near future.

Yes, we're always listening to our customers' needs. We are committed to continuously invest in and improve Guestbook 24/7. This means we will regularly make new releases to fix issues, improve usability and performance and add new features. The cloud infrastructure and use of latest software development tools means we can very quickly and easily develop and deploy new updates with minimal impact to your access of the system, if any in fact.

We've taken great steps to keep the application as simple as possible to use, there's comprehensive online help accessible from directly in the app. When creating a new account by default a handful of demonstration bookings and guest are added for you. This allows you to see the app in action from the first time you use it. You can in fact play to your hearts content and when you're ready to start using it for real data you can just remove all the demonstration with a simple click of the mouse.

Not really, we're not trying to compete with the likes of booking.com, expedia, lastminute.com. We do offer a hosted page and widget that you can integrate with your own website that offers the ability for guests to make online booking enquiries that will record their request in the system and alert you via an email. Later we may introduce a complete online booking widget, including payments feature. The aim is to help you manage the running of your B&B, by having all booking data in one system, so you can then easily see availability, plan the day to day movements, report on the overall business status. If you receive your bookings through a variety of booking channels Guestbook 24/7 will really help you to be better organised.

Yes, in a number of ways. First through the widgets that you can easily integrate with your own website to take guest enquiries for instance. Also there's a guest confirmation feature that allows a guest to review a new booking, agree to your terms and conditions and to provide additional information such as the details of all the guest in a booking. This is a handy feature once a booking has been entered on the system to allow the guest to review it and provide extra information. With a single click you can send an email to the main guest on a booking, the email contains a link to a secure page for the guest. This page can contain your own property logo and terms and conditions.

Yes, using the availability widget or linking to a customised hosted webpage you can easily integrate an availability calendar with your own website. Plus you can easily sync room availability using the standard iCalendar file format meaning simple publishing to services like Airbnb, Flipkey, Apple Calendar / iCal, Outlool or Google Calendar to name a few.

Ideally a PC or Apple Mac with internet access. Most modern browsers are fully supported. The system is also accessible and usable from tablets or smartphones. Supported devices and browsers:

  • Google Chrome.
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Safari
  • Internet Explorer (version 8+)
  • Android tablets & smartphones
  • Apple iPad & iPhone
  • Blackberry smartphones

If like many guest houses you advertise room availability on several online booking sites like booking.com, expedia, laterooms etc then you know how much time and effort it takes to update all these different systems. Well we are working on a new feature for a 2014 release that will automatically synchronise your room availability and rates across a selection of the most common booking channels. This will offer a great convenience and a powerful way to easily try different booking sites and to compare the performance of each. This feature will attract a small extra fee but we aim to have one of the cheapest booking channel integration options on the market.

Yes, it's possible to import bookings from a CSV type text file. If you have existing bookings in a spreadsheet or another application it should be possible to save the bookings in the Guestbook 24/7 CSV text file format and import all the bookings. This will allow you to get up and running very quickly.

30 days free, no payment info required.